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St. Francis of Assisi Church


St. Francis of Assisi Church

There are many beautiful and majestic buildings in Vienna, but except for those commonly known and by tourists the most visited sights, this one is one of my absolute favorites.

The fairytale-looking church, located only about 100 meters from the bank of the Danube river, is located in Vienna’s second Bezirk (Vienna is divided into 23 parts, the so-called Bezirks, according to which Viennese orient themselves; so if you are asked, where in Vienna do you live, they want to know in which Bezirk do you live …), near the Reichsbrücke bridge (die Brücke = bridge) and is part of the park called Mexikoplatz (der Platz = place, square). The best access to this stunning church is by underground line U1 and is located between the stops Vorgartenstrasse and Donauinsel.

The church was consecrated on behalf of Emperor Francis of Assisi to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his reign, hence the name Kaiserjubiläumskirche (church of the emperor’s anniversary), or due to its location, Mexikokirche (die Kirche = church). The foundation stone was laid in 1898 and the opening was in year 1913. It is a Roman Catholic church.

Interesting fact, Mexikoplatz was once a well-known transshipment point of the black trade. Named was this square / park after the country, which was the only one to oppose the violent annexation of Austria to the German Empire at the League of Nations in 1938.