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Griaß eich! Greetings!


Griaß eich! Greetings!

I have been thinking for quite a long time about the most suitable post to start my blog with and what topic to write about at first. Then I came to the conclusion that I actually want to welcome you, greet you and as this blog is dedicated to Vienna, then of course in German, or rather Austrian 🙂

Griaß eich is a dialect-modified greeting of Grüß euch (I greet you), as Austrians like to modify words by changing vowels, which may surprise you, if you are not used to it, but I will gradually address this topic in the future articles on this blog.

You can use the typical greeting “Guten Tag” (have a good day), which is being taught at school, but you will not get to hear it often in the daily conversation in Austria. The most common formal Austrian greeting is Grüß Gott (literally translated God bless you) or otherwise classical Hallo (hello).

In the end, only a short explanation of other words from the photo, which can help you to orientate while visiting a restaurant. Eingang means entrance and Biergarten…? I think you know it already… beergarden 🙂