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Colorful swings next to the Sophienalpe


Colorful swings next to the Sophienalpe

Do you want to awake that child inside of you again? Or do you just wanna swing? 🙂 in that case I  can definitely recommend you a trip to the swings next to the Sophienalpe.

12 colorful swings standing side-by-side, that can make everyone happy, can be found on the city hiking trail number 8 (Stadtwanderweg 8).

You can take a bus No. 450 from the bus stop Hütteldorf (at the Tube line U4 – green) to the bus stop Kasgraben and then, just enjoy yourself, the nature, beautiful views and on top of it after the walk, there is your reward in form of (of course) swings 🙂

You can also drive directly to the Sophienalpe (the road is narrow and winding, simply a joyful experience for every driver). However, if you want to catch some free parking space at the weekend, I recommend you to plan a trip with an arrival by noon 😉